Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Writing Notes – Z to A

My characters come to life at my treadmill. With music blaring (Lady Gaga usually, heaven help me), I work out at four mph. My spiral notebook rests on the pedestal covering my digital screen.

Beats me why this works. Maybe my mind clears, I don’t know. I write scenes, plot an outline, what is going through my protag’s head, and major shifts in storyline direction. The spiral notebook follows me from treadmill to computer where I slap meat on the bones of the story.

Bing, bam, boom.

Sausage; sometimes ya don’t wanna know how it’s made. But with a family like mine, material presents itself. Hence the photo.

Btw, it’s kind of scary writing a love scene with Bad Romance rocking in the background.


  1. Thank you for the kinds words on my post!! I loved this one! I get my best ideas riding a bus with Glee jammin in my ears!! Totally fell ya!!

  2. ooo, I think it sounds fantastic! :D Something about exercising... does the same for me. I think there's some science there, but who knows.

    Good stuff~ :o)

  3. Hey, neat blog! And are you starting another one?

    I've totally written to Bad Romance before and others like it. Funny what works, eh? :) But I admit I've never tried writing while working out. I don't have a treadmill, so that might be difficult at this point, but I'm inspired nonetheless. Must try something. Maybe my outdoor running time could turn into a time to plot instead of one to relax the brain. I just know it's important to try new things.

    It's nice to meet you!

  4. LOL Whatever works. I admit love scenes with that selection is a tad strange. Maybe it's just me.


  5. @Genevieve
    Yep. Unicorn Bell is a crit group in its pupae stage.
    I've composed the mission statement:


    LOL, how do you like it?

  6. I have to be out of the house. And yes, walking or running works wonders for my brain.

  7. I use workout time for soaking in inspriation -- TV, music, nature (if I'm outdoors), etc. That's when the ideas come.

  8. Usually my ideas come form me in the shower, or the other few times I don't have a small child yammering away at me.

    I like the sausage comparison :)


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