Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gas. What is the price of fuel around the world? – Z to A Blogging Challenge

Short and Sweet today.

In northwest Missouri, the price at the pump on Wednesday was 3.58 USD.

What is the price of fuel where you live?

Conversions (I probably shouldn't add this but here it is)

1 US gallon  =  3.785 Litre

3.58 USD  =  2.46 EUR
                 =  3.33 AUD
                 =  2.17 GBP


  1. Here in Portugal it's 1.70 euros per litre. Gulp...

  2. OK, here in Tasmania, Australia I paid $1.48 a litre the other day. And since there are about 4 litres to a gallon, that would be $5.90 a gallon (since the Aussie and US dollars are about the same). If you take into account the exchange rate between the Euro and the US dollar, poor Lauracea above is paying around $9.90 a gallon.

    Just goes to show when it comes to fuel, you guys in the US are pretty lucky.

  3. @ Lauracea
    ditto 'gulp'

    @ austrodavicus
    yes, I agree. Time for me to quit complaining, huh?

  4. I don't know Huntress, you guys have a lot to complain about over there, America IS doing it tough. So is Portugal from what I see on the news lately.

  5. I paid $3.79 USD a few days ago, just outside Washington, D.C.

  6. I try to keep my writing separate from this country's politics but,

    Okay. Feel better now.
    *and w/o giving away my political views*

  7. Gas is running between $3.75 to $3.84 a gallon locally.

  8. I'm always curious about this, too! Interesting... Here gas was $2.65 on Friday. Not as bad as you guys, but still pretty high. sigh. And I remember the days of 99 cents/gal... ;p <3

  9. Thanks for sharing those conversions for gas prices. I don't know how much the gas is where I am because I often walk or take public transportation but I'm sure it's right around those three dollars and some change that you're charged in Missouri.

    The Madlab Post

  10. It was $3.89 when I filled up on Thursday here in Ohio. It's getting to the point where I'm almost afraid to drive by the gas station for fear it will have jumped up again.

    Happy weekend to you! :)

  11. Insanity! And another reason I'm glad not to have a car in the city!

  12. Gas is around $4.25 a gallon here in SoCal.

    Not sorry at all I: 1) bought a hybrid back in 2008, and 2)moved less than 1 mile from my day job last year. Between time saved commuting and gas costs, it is so worth it.

  13. Yup- like Bev said, we in South Orange County, (southern California) and it's $4.25 for the lowest grade.


    Being laid off of work, I don't really drive except the kids to school and back...except our trots to Magic Mountain can get costly.

  14. $3.57/gallon last time I looked... I could have sworn it was in the $2.?? range the week before, but I probably just hadn't been looking at the first number assuming it was supposed to be a 2 not a 3.

  15. In South Carolina, it's $3.69. We have a grocery store, BiLo, and they have coupled with Spinx, our gas station, to earn fuel perks. I had already earned 70 cents off a gallon, so I only paid $2.99 on Saturday.

  16. cheapest is 4.11 here in LA. And i have to fill up every week!


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