Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kryptonite Factor – Z to A Blog Challenge

We want heroes to kick butt, win the dustups with their villains.

Picture Captain Jack Sparrow on the deck of the Black Pearl. The Kraken is moments away from tearing his beloved ship apart.

It is a grand sight; his chin lifted his back straight, gazing into death. But would it affect us if he hadn’t fought his self-centered ego along the way?

Conflict – our protags must have faults. They must have kryptonite to overcome. It can be physical bumps in the road like a battle that leaves them bloody and crawling away to recover. Or it can be mental.

Jack had his Pearl then lost it. Several times. He found a treasure-filled cave but a storm erased it. He left his crew to face the Kraken without him. But he conquered his fear and returned to fight.

All superheroes must have imperfections, just like us. Without faults, there are no markers to judge them by and no connection.


  1. Imperfect people are so much easier to like in books as well as in real life.

  2. Great post! You're right...characters have to be flawed so your readers can relate to them.

  3. I love Jack Sparrow - great example!
    I can't wait for #4 =)
    Happy K day!

  4. I love Jack Sparrow too, and this is a great example. Characters that are too perfect always leave me cold.


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