Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Detailed Descriptions -- Z to A Blog Challenge

Avoid nitpicky, descriptions that throw every bit of eye-trash at the reader. It muddles the brain and slows the current.

Example: The petals blushed in a rosy hue, redolent of a fiery sunset after an earth-crashing storm.

Translation: Roses are red.

First Page Advice: Kill every adverb/adjective on that first page. Add no more than 3 back. See how it reads now.

Give me strong verbs, simple nouns, hold the adjectives please.


  1. aww, can't i have just one more?
    hee hee
    happy d day =)

  2. A colorful verb, or a well placed metaphor can make up for several lines of description. Sometimes.

  3. "Eye-trash" -- oh, how I love that term!

  4. OK. (Sigh). Ooookaaaay. I do like adjectives - adverbs I can live without, but adjectives...Oh I can have three? Yippeee! I'm leaping about with joy now (that's a long way around to say I'm happy now)

  5. sound advice. I do love my adjectives and adverbs though. Very muchly.


  6. Good advice. But I have to admit, I LOVE me a lush read from time to time. When it's done well, not every sentence, but for special moments in the MS, it can take a novel to a whole new level of literary. ;)


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