Monday, April 11, 2011

Reality – Z to A

Convince the reader that your world is not only possible but also probable.

My genre, my drug of choice, is urban fantasy or contemporary fantasy. Now, I’d love it if dragons, snarky rapiers, and wizards existed in our world especially if I could meet one. But as much as I hate to admit it, they don’t. *sigh*

My job as a writer is to break the reader’s resistance and show them a woman can control animals (and people) just by wishing it so. I want them to believe that wizards pull magic from the earth and conspiracies abound in our world. Did you know a fresh-made wizard caused an earthquake in Iowa? *G*

To do this the writer must first make the characters believable. Second, the villains must have human traits that give the reader a point of reference. And third, create layers of facts, arguments that give your little voices life.

Reality is only a perception. Give the reader a peek into your world and open another door into their imagination.


  1. Reality Bites?
    I agree fiction must be plausible =)
    Happy i & r day!

  2. You're doing great with the reverse alphabet posts. Suspension of disbelief? Yah, that's a tricky one. We almost have to be wizards ourselves to pull it off. Then again, I guess we are. Word wizards.;)

  3. It's tough sometimes, although with certain genres it's easier than with others.

  4. I enjoyed this post - I've made the mistake of making one of my villains so human / full of recognisable traits that I managed to make humans the baddies of my world by accident - oops!

  5. I love reading stories where people have succeeded in that well... its also something I'd like to explore with photography but haven't gotten the chance to yet

  6. I liked your line about "layers of facts..." It is important to show several layers of one's personality. That's something I should work on. Thanks for visiting me, and I look forward to seeing more of you. Julie


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