Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Villains – Z to A Challenge

*cue sinister music*

Writing Tip For Fellow Challenged, er Challengers.

The villain is evil, scary. Or maybe gets in the way of the protag.

OUT OF MY WAY, she says.

The reader wants to know why.

For truly sinister attributes, build your antagonist through the eyes of your protag. Don’t tell the reader what a badass the antag is. Prove it. Give the protag’s perception. Use her fear and anxiety to show the reader.


  1. I should have that las paragraph on a plaque!


  2. Some of the scariest villains are the ones that have glimpses of humanity in them. It makes them more real, not only to the protag, but to the reader. Great post!

  3. I especially love the sneaky villains- someone the mc and the reader kind of like that we end up hating by the end.

  4. Yes! Sometimes if we tell the readers why a villain does things, it becomes no long villainous but human.

  5. Great way to work the A-Z challenge.

    The best villains are the ones where we can see a very small glimpse of ourselves. That's what makes them human, flaws and all.

    Good to make your acquaintance. Look forward to following your posts and writing.

    warm wishes


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