Friday, April 29, 2011

Becoming Lady Gaga – Z to A Blog Challenge

Where Creativity lurks, Ego may surface. Sometimes in odd fashion.

We want appreciation for our work, if not thundering applause then at least recognition. IMHO, there are similarities between the very popular Lady Gaga and us writers.

The singer puts her soul on display and smiles with the accolades. But the meat dress appears when she hears negativity.

Refining our craft is the key to success as well as persistence. Along the way, rejections are a large massive huge part of the writer’s life and a tough skin is a prerequisite.

And if that doesn’t work, I’ve got a freezer-full of beef.


  1. Awesome comparison, and so true. LOL on the beef. :)

  2. Well said. I'm off to stock up my freezer just in case the need arises.

    Ellie Garratt

  3. If we wander around in a meat dress, the neighborhood pack of dogs will follow us, slavering LOL
    I only just realized you're doing the alphabet backwards! A little late,huh? :)

  4. @Lauracea
    I think I've got you beat on that front.

    I bought a set of gorgeous drinking glasses with a 'flower' etched into them.
    It took me about 2 months to notice it was a realistic image of a marijuana plant.


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