Monday, December 10, 2012

Cavanaugh Blogfest

Oh, Captain My Ninja Captain. To the writers in this blogosphere, Alex Cavanaugh needs no intro, no hyperlink. He is one of a kind. But who is the man behind the mask? Speculation grows and, more importantly, imagination. And to a writer of fantasy, imagination is a dangerous tool.

What does the Ninja Captain look like? Sandy hair and gold-rimmed glasses. He has eyes that are wide open as if life continually surprises him.

Who could play Alex in a movie or documentary? Easy peasy. Wall-e. Although he might not accept the gig. These big Hollywood actors are a bit stuffy.

Who does Alex remind you of? Hammy, the squirrel starring in Over the Hedge. God forbid he gets too much caffeine.

Write flash fiction using all these prompts:
And the Crowd Goes Wild 
In an unprecedented move, Congress voted unilaterally to carve a fifth image at Mount Rushmore. While playing an air guitar to highlight the day, President Obama proclaimed it a national holiday as Alex Cavanaugh humbly muttered his thanks. His posse known as IWSG threw rose petals in Cavanaugh’s path and cheered as their Ninja scuffed the ground and blushed. Overhead, a formation of Cosbolts, newly manufactured on the America soil, soared in a V formation, honoring their Captain. Hard to see but they were there. Somewhere. Teeny tiny points of light. See 'em?

A comment for Mrs. Cavanaugh.
To the Power Behind the Ninja Captain. Your hubby makes a big difference in this writer universe of ours. Smile and be proud. He is one heckuva guy. But don’t tell him I said so cuz you know it’ll go to his head. 


  1. I like the take on Wall-e, (relates to Alex's robotic performance, which always leaves me amazed! Also enjoyed you flash piece.

  2. Oh my goodness! That is hilarious. Wall-e and Hammy! And the crowd goes wild. What an enjoyable blogfest, I'm laughing with joy at every post I read, and yours is fabulous.

  3. Haha, too funny! Excellent flash fiction piece, too :)

  4. Way Funny likeness to Alex and flash fiction piece...Thanks for the good laugh :D

  5. They put me on Mt Rushmore and it just might crumble!
    I promise to go easy on the caffeine.
    Thanks so much Huntress! You are truly awesome.

  6. You know what, Alex? Your awesomeness knows no limits. Cavanaugh for president! :D

    Great post!

  7. Huntress, this was so fun n' inventive ;D
    Love it~

  8. Loved the concept of Mt. Rushmore with Alex's face! Clever. :o)

  9. Oh my goodness, move over Mitt Romney (who I'm sure would just die to have his image on Mount Rushmore). Mitt has nothin' on Alex! Great post huntress :)

  10. Ha! I guess Wall-E does have golden rimmed glasses!

  11. This was too cool. LOVE the Hammy comparison. That seems about right. I'm convinced that Alex is actually a full army of people. Maybe a full army of Wall-E's???

  12. "Hammy, the squirrel starring in Over the Hedge. God forbid he gets too much caffeine." I totally cracked up at this. Alex certainly must have a lot of energy, or clones. Loved your story, too. Obama and the air guitar was pretty classic.

  13. Oooo... I never thought about Alex having glasses...

    Great post!

  14. lol at Hammy, the squirrel. Alex would certainly need the energy of a squirrel.

  15. You got me convinced. Alex has my vote, Huntress.

  16. lol about Wallee, but a great choice. It'd be cool to see someone's face I know on a national monument.

  17. That's funny--I thought of Wall-e, too!

    Loved reading your flash fiction.

  18. wow, hammy on mt rushmore is what i pictured =)
    great character choices!

  19. Mount Rushmore. I guess we'll all know what her looks like then.

  20. Haha - still recovering from the image of Alex as Hammy on caffeine cranking out blog comments. :) Priceless! Very cool flash fiction too.

  21. all those happy faces looks like alex...happy!! great entry. new follower from the hop...hi!

  22. Haha--Wall-e and Hammy. Never would have guessed those choices :P

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  23. Who can resist Alex/Hammy/Wall-e?

    Thanks to all for your comments.

    Allison and Tammy. Love the new followers

    Nicole. Alex and'd been Alexageddon

    Susan Gourley/Kelley. Woo HOo, you're right. we'd all know what he looks like.

    Tara. Love that image, of Hammy on Rushmore

    Joylene, Tyrean, Donna. Thanx. I loved doing this

    Golden Eagle and M Pax. Wall-e WAS an easy pick.

    Spacerguy. I second your vote.

    Lynda. Definitely. Plus super-human powers

    Shell Flower. This blogfest is the best one I've been involved with. Everyone's post is hilarious.

    Morgan. He's GOT to have glasses

    Tamara. A bunch of Wall-Es running around loose? OMG

    Jay and Sherry. Wall-E is the natural choice.

    Ella and ML and Michael. Thanks. This is one of the best blogfests EvArrrrrr

    Alex. You are one of a kind, Buddy.

    Marcy and Siv. I loved DOING the flash fic

    Susan Roebuck. Ditto! Every blogfest post is a total blast

    CM Brown - Alex is a bit robotic and extra-terrestrial I think

  24. Ah now... since Alex is a NINJA, how do you know he isn't ALREADY on Mt. Rushmore... but because he's a ninja, we can't spot him!

  25. Nice Springsteen touch. You could be predicting the future.

    1. 'Borrrrn in the USAaaaa. Borrrn in the USAaaa.'


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