Monday, December 3, 2012

Is there any language as confusing as English?

I’ve heard that English is one of the hardest languages to learn. Most times, I don’t notice the weirdness of my native tongue but every now and then…

Wind. As I wind the dial, the wind threatens to blow me off the dais.

Read/Reed/Red. The reed turned red as I read the reader.

The Moody Blues released Nights in White Satin in 1967, a rather provocative title. Lots of emotional value.

Change Nights to Knights and a completely different image is created. (No *kidding*, I thought it was 'Knights' until just a few years ago)

John Fogerty wrote and performed Bad Moon Rising with his band, Creedence Clearwater Revival. Maybe my speakers were defective or CCR slurred the words because I thought they were telling me ‘…there’s a bathroom on the right…’ for long time.

Do you have favorite examples of lyrics or words that make it into the Epic Fail category? 


  1. I still laugh at the origins of Iron Butterfly's song, In-A-Gadda-da-Vida, which was actually In the Garden of Eden. Oh wait, that was due to drunkenness.

    1. Without question (at least in my mind), the best rock song Everrrr.

      duh duh duduh duduh, DUH duh duh du du

      Makes me wanna get out the air guitar.

  2. Heheheee, love your mis-hearing of CCR. LOL I've definitely mis-heard things, and still don't know what some lyrics are (suppose I could look them up, eh?). Your red/read/read example is dizzying! I'm so glad English is my first language. :)

  3. You mean it isn't In-a-Gadda-de-Vida?

  4. The CCR example is hilarious! My fam likes to tease me about my lyric mess-ups too. ;)

  5. One of my favorites comes from the kids at church. It's supposed to be "Come, come ye saints, no toil nor labor fear" but what we get is "come, come ye saints, no toilet paper here".


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