Monday, March 29, 2010

"I Drive Like a Cullen"

Sixteen months ago, I had a life-changing event.

Thankfully, not the kind where tragedy strikes or health conditions smack a person upside the head.

Nope. It was a good one; an event that made several differences in my life.

I lost seventy (yes, children, seven oh) pounds.

I began to exercise. I could hardly walk around the block, now I run 2 miles a day and lift weights.

I began to write.

The clue to my phenom makeover is in the title/subject of this posting.

Those who don’t know what I am talking about, ah, well. Never mind.
To those who recognize the clue I gave, let’s smile that knowing-grin together

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Horatio Hornblower & Tavi/Dresden

Jim Butcher has a new addition to his Dresden Files coming out April 6 named, Changes. An excellent series, his stories of the modern day wizard fighting crime and various nefarious characters is about as mesmerizing as a tale can get and I recommend this most highly.

His epic fantasy books of The Codex Alera, the story of Tavi and his adventures, are also magnificent and I dearly hope he can continue this series as well.

Now, you may have noticed the reference to Horatio Hornblower in the title. These books, written by C. S. Forester beginning in the 1930s, were about a seaman who was courageous and firm, showing nothing except his strong will to his officers and sailors. But in his mind, he is craven, weak, and he second-guesses himself at every turn. That his bravery and cleverness is without par has nothing to do with his achievements, he thinks. It is all luck or because of the circumstances.

He feels he could always have done better if he had only tried harder.

Hornblower, Tavi, and Dresden; all are the same. Heroes in everyone’s mind but their own.

Thanks to Jim Butcher for these wonderful books.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Ditch, or How I Spent My Weekend

I don't care who you are, if the sewer backs up into your basement, even the wonderful fascination with the world of writing will take second place in your attention.
Turned out, it wasn't something simple - the definition of 'simple' I will leave to the reader. It was the massive mulberry tree, some seventy years old, and its tenacious root system. That is it, the tree standing in the center and looking proud of its achievement.
After the chainsaws and dozer fell silent, the backhoe moved in and the result is a big ditch with the new piping system laid by yours truly and her industrious hubby.
The mischievous tree we left; smiling its smug grin.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good News in Threes?

Hey, its only fair. If bad news comes in threes, shouldn't the same rule apply to good news?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who Me?

ACK! For heavens sake, never post on someone's blog when depression hits!

This is my tip for the day. Don't post on someone's blog - or your own, for that matter - when troubles seem insurmountable.

Excuses? Sure, I got 'em, but still, I should not have blogged or attempted to express my thoughts after returning from the vet. I had my sixteen-year-old dog put down and it was, shall we say, distressing.

Stupid me. I sat down at the computer and saw three rejects hit my email.

Oh, well.

I should have shut the computer off and found some chocolate, but instead I checked several of my favorite blogs. And started tapping the keyboard. And hitting Publish.

Oh, well, again.
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