Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birth of a Novel

Title: Of Wishes Made
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Wordcount: 76,225

Shamira has a knack for controlling animals. For her, being a whisperer and farrier doesn’t mean only voice and body language. Her thoughts alone master vicious dogs, frantic horses. For Sham, controlling animals isn’t hard. Dominating humans even less so.

Of Wishes Made began in December 2010. A Whole Eleven Months ago. And I am 15-20 K words from the end.

Why it isn’t finished:

I was busy.
Aliens sucked me into their mother ship and took me to a dimension without Word doc.

Although I am not participating in Nano with the blog chain’s help I hope to complete Wishes by December 1.

Or return to the other dimension where chocolate and Doritos have no calories.

Hm. I must give this more thought.

Brooke Busse 
Charity Bradford
Elizabeth Poole 
Fida Islaih
Lena Hoppe 
Mia Hayson 
Miranda Hardy  
Nyxie Moon 
Tessa C
Elizabeth Davis 


  1. Chocolate and Doritos have calories? Wait, what? *I totally ate 3 Snickers Minis, 1 Musketeer mini, 1 Heath Bar mini, and a Doritos sandwich for lunch today*

    And you can totally finish this story this month. Go Carol!

  2. Oooo I hate it when aliens take me away from my work. It's so rude.

    It's awesome that you're going to finish this. So many times I stop a project and then never finish it. But I think you can do it. It might be hard, but you just need to keep writing and it will be done before you know it!

  3. This is a very interesting idea. The only "whisperers" I'm familiar with is the Dog whisperer on NatGeo(I think, or Discovery) channel, and the Horse Whisperer, the movie, which I never saw. I hope you finish it, it sounds like a very interesting read. I wish you luck and happy updates =)

    (I hate life sneaking up on me too *shakes fist*)

  4. That totally happened to me in spring with the aliens. I ALMOST convinced them to buy scrivener but, you know, they said their budget would only allow for food or writing software and I was kind of hungry...

    Good luck! Sounds like a brilliant novel :)

  5. Aliens are pesky little things, always meddling. Hope you can finish it up this month. Good luck!


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