Monday, October 31, 2011

Chimney Smoking

After a DIY project re-fitting our chimney (“Chimney liner. What’s that?), we are up and running. Finally.

We’ve heated our 92 year old house with a wood stove for thirty some years. The money it saved in propane bills is enormous especially in a drafty house like ours.

But with harvest (done btw), we didn’t get the rest of the pipe up until Saturday. It’s been fifties and lower sixties in the living room but hey, that’s why we have blankets. And a cats.


  1. brrr!!!

    I often have a bunch of cats on my bed to keep me warm at night - and prevent me from moving lol.

  2. You'd need a whole lot of cats...
    And I like it cold in the house. I freeze my wife out all winter long.

  3. Cute cat! Stay warm this winter. ;)


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