Wednesday, October 26, 2011

(True) Spooky Stories

Dumped. What a word to describe the end of a relationship. And just as I finished wrapping his Christmas gift in red foil paper. Too late to return it. No one wanted an engraved wristband with someone else’s name on it anyway.

A storm roiled the clouds over my house and miles away lightning stabbed the earth as I stood under the porch roof watching.

Relationships never worked out for me. They blew up at the worst times. Now, once again, I was alone. Anger mixed in equal measures with hurt.

Why can’t I find that special person, the one meant for me?

The desperate plea crushed me. I squeezed my eyes shut.

A flash of light clawed at my eyes then a blast of thunder followed by crackling. Like plastic scrunched together, a sure sign of a close lightning strike.

And then a voice inside my head.

*wait until spring*

Air left my lungs as I contemplated my sanity. And the tone of the still, quiet voice.

Five months later, daffodils were in bloom and college commencement invitations sent out when a strange man laughingly sprayed me with a water hose at a gas station.


We celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary next week.


  1. Aww...when I read stuff like this I am so proud that their are people out there able to put thoughts and emotions on paper so well. If not we would lose ourselves in muck. Happy Anniversary!

  2. that's not spooky that's sweet and wonderful! Congrats on finding your prince :)

  3. @Linda, E., & Marcy

    So who spoke to me??!

  4. Happy anniversary! This story ROX. Creepy yet sweet. Wonder whose voice that was scratching at your phyche?


  5. STOP IT!
    what a great story! thanks for making me tear up. =)


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