Monday, October 10, 2011

Heaven Came Down

“Is this heaven?”

“It’s Iowa.”

“Iowa. I could have sworn it was heaven.”– Field of Dreams

If I have a choice in the matter, October in Missouri will be my Heaven.

The colors of autumn, bronze and orange, butter-gold and green.

The breeze in the evening, cool with a tang unlike any other time of the year.

Halcyon skies are crystalline, the skies especially blue.

Cows bawl at feeding time.
Turkeys warble in the misty dawn.
Leaves tumble and wrestle, caught in a dust devil.

The bustle of combines and trucks, tractors and people.

Yellow corn hisses down the bed of a truck and into the jaws of the auger. Men hurry, cuss mightily at mechanical breakdowns, calls of ‘bring dinner to the field’.

Late nights. Early mornings.

Harvest. Of Time immortal.

Heaven came down
And Glory filled my soul.


  1. Really lovely! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. what an awesome tribute to harvest time!
    love it even more =)

  3. Makes me want to go visit my grandparents. sigh.

    love this.

  4. Then enjoy! And I never heard the sound turkeys make described as warble, but it fits.

  5. Hi Huntress. I'm here from the Pay It Forward blogfest and I just wanted to say thanks so much for signing up!

  6. Love the Field of Dreams quote, jumped from blogfest too!

  7. LOVE Field of Dreams! Iowa? Yep, could be heaven, as could most things in the right circumstance. But we won't know til we get there, will we!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. So nice to meet you!


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