Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Charity's Birth of a Novel

Week One: 76,225
Week Two: 78,393

Progress for Wishes

At first, the totals may give a dismal picture. Two thousand words isn't fancy dancing. But I have an excuse.  My antag said he didn’t do it.

Humph. That’s what they all say.

Then the MC refused to play ball. She also said he didn’t do it and everything changed.

The path shifted.  Re-writes and much research became the norm.

The bright light hit me in the excerpt below:

“Good Lord,” I said. “What are you, a vampire wannabe?”

 I wondered how I’d noticed him at all. Dressed in black from the ground up, boots, loose slacks, and a billowy shirt. It gaped at his throat and for a moment, my imagination carved punctures on his neck.

A swift look down then back at me. Collin’s brow scrunched into a frown. “A what? Vampire? No.”

And for a moment, his startled eyes were huge, startled. The smart-ass man, furious and impatient with life dropped from his expression. “I just like black,” he said simply.

“It’s a good look,” I blurted.

His mouth dropped. We stared at each other, me confused. And him…well, I couldn’t tell what Collin was thinking. It was as if I had slapped him with a dead fish, the surprise on his face was there for me to see. The term is ‘discombobulated’, I believe.

“What are you playing at?” he said low.

I have the ending written. It is clear in my mind. That didn’t change. But now I have to join the three sections: the main MS, the ending, and now the new antag.

Don’t you just love when the voices change their mind?


  1. Research is good. I've been doing a bit myself this week. How to grow grapes, how to fly hot air balloons. *giggles* All kinds of random stuff.

    I'm so glad you have the ending written! Get everything connected so I can read it. ;)Take your time though. That way I won't feel guilty for just reading the MS and not commenting on what you've already sent me. I will comment more. I promise. It will just be sporadic until Dec.

  2. LOL. In mine the love interest shot her. Shot her! Bam just like that. I had to regroup and take up arms. Then I took him to the side and said...shooting someone is bad. Readers will not like you. And I won't have a story so play nice. I changed it into a dream. =) Sometimes you just gotta bring out the big guns and let them know whose boss.

  3. E.
    I'm not sure I was ever the boss.

  4. Oh yeah, nothing like a major plot twist you didn't plan to throw a monkey wrench into the works.

    A few years ago I wrote something during Nano, got a three quarters of the way through the novel, and the antagonist did the thing he kept threatening to do. Totally derailed my story. But it worked out well.

    Good luck!

  5. I think that's good progress. Sometimes my characters don't always cooperate. Good luck this week.

  6. It's always hard when characters won't play ball and I think you're doing a great job. The last draft I wrote, the mc suddenly decided she was moonlighted as an astrophysicist which kind of slowed me downn.

    Anyway good luck for this coming/passing week!


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