Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Very Interesting

Unintended consequences

When the antag in my wip claimed, “I am innocent,” I had much to consider.

My new antag is less evil but this is worse for the MC because the villain’s goals are righteous. There are no gray areas; no compromise or empathy.

Composing the history behind the antag’s resolve became the untended consequence. A good thing actually since different paths opened for me to take.

A big wow, creative-wise.

Another unintended consequence was not so good.

Several weeks ago, we hired a roofer to install new shingles on our house.
Last night we had our first measurable rainfall.
This morning we woke to *major* leaks resulting in damage to sheetrock, lighting fixtures.

Before the roofing job, our roof did not leak.

The unintended consequence? The act to forestall a problem caused the event to occur.
And I am learning the art of breathing deep and talking to myself.


  1. That sucks, at least you are getting good use out of buckets..haha

  2. @ Pat
    I used buckets, towels, and a screwdriver and currently planning mayhem and physical assault.

  3. Crap, they better come back and fix it! At least your writing is going well.

  4. oh no! so sorry about the roof. hope the guy will come and fix it - for free!

  5. Wow, the roofer from hell. I like the sound of your antag's story. Bad guys with depth are the best.

  6. leaks Suck!
    glad about your wip, though =)

  7. Sorry to hear of the roof troubles. Sometimes out WIP takes off in a completely different direction. I enjoy that. Have a great week.

  8. I hate it when things happen that are both unexpected and causes the story to go to a new place, but I also think that giving your characters some control of the situation they're in leads to a great story, if they don't fall to far off the outline, (though even if they do, sometimes what they do turns out to be a better story than you originally planned and warrants you to rewrite, which is also fun, though not during NaNo!)


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