Monday, August 12, 2013

Anti Blogfest

Admit it. Some blogfests suck plaster dust.

Here are a few examples:

Dance Off Blogfest
Yo! Lovers and bloggers, here is your chance to get jiggy with the best of them. YouTube versions of yourself getting down with the masses and mosh pits.

Old English Recipes Blogfest
Scrumtious recipes ready for the modern cook. Example:
Biskets: Yolks of two dozen egges, two handfuls of Anniseeds, a little yest, one pound of butter, one quart of creame, foure ound of fine wheat flowere. Roll and bake but not throughly. Let them stand out a day or two until hard.

How to Blog While Drunk Blogfest

It works like this: write the first word of your post. Take a drink (Long Island Tea in my case). Continue to rite another sentence. Take a drink. foLow up with another sentence and
then drink some more. Som mor drink that is. Continue writg until that post thing is done then dink.


  1. That last one would almost be fun!
    The Old English recipes one - you nailed that. Most English food is rather blah.

  2. I am tempted about trying the last one as well. Regarding the 'biskets' recipe, I loved the part at the end about leaving them out 'until hard'. An actual recipe, btw.

  3. You win, pal. I would NOT want to hop over to these blogs. Especially those biskets not baked thoroughly. *gag, sputter*

  4. Great anti-blogfests! #2 and 3 both made me laugh.

    Here are mine!

    1. I have to stop visiting the other blogs. Laughing too much and the cat is clawing me wanting fed.

  5. I really like the last one! Long Island Ice Teas give you the most bang for your buck.

    1. Guilty pleasure, Long Island Tea. The only alcohol drink that I *really* love.
      Therefore I stay away from it, ha.

  6. I like the idea of the drunk one, although I don't drink either. But I still like it and wouldn't enter either.

  7. Congratulations, you created the first idea for an anti blogfest that I would like to join just for the fun of it... but there would have to be a word limit :)

  8. Well done. Especially love that last one. Friends don't let friends blog drunk!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  9. Oh my gosh! I would NEVER post myself dancing on YouTube, LOL! That's totally horrifying to me!

    Spot on post, Huntress. And perfect picture with the drunken writer!

  10. HA! Yeah, no permanent record of me head banging, thank goodness. I am SO GLAD there was no internet (or camera phones) when I was in that part of my life. I HAVE had occasions to delete the evidence of too much wine on the internet, though... *sigh*

  11. i am drunk, so i dance... now i fall!

    The Blog-fest that make me want to say "NO"...
    Jeremy H.

    New Look, New Name and Same Stuff...

  12. I don't know, that last one might be good for a laugh :)

  13. I love to get jiggy... but don't need to capture any memorable moments, no thanks!
    Great list!
    Writer In Transit

  14. OMgosh.... were you peeking over my shoulder when I was writing last night... I Absolut cracked up when I read #3, because, chest swells (not with pride - I just have a bit of gas) I do enjoy an LIIT, but haven't posted while doing so - yet :)

    Note to self: Must rectify this problem :)


  15. You'd have to roll me out the door after eating those biskets.

    Thanks for your entertaining contributions, CD.

    Have a great week.

  16. Seems like you started the last one early! The second one seems like weapon making lessons. :)

  17. Since I don't drink, #3 would definitely be on my not list.

  18. Aha, my tour of the anti-blogfest, blogfest has arrived here. And three mighty fine blogfests I certainly wouldn't join. Then again, I'd rather be flogged in the market square than join some silly blog hop or whatever it's called this hour.

    The first one would make me do the dance like a dad at a wedding and look like a total idiot type situation.

    The second one makes me think about "toad-in-the-hole" and "spotted dick", but that's another story....

    The third one is a masterclass in tipos um typos...

    Gosh and thanks for being a part of this exercise in irony.

    Gary :)

  19. HAHA, I'd be tempted to give the last one a go, and yet that would be a public testament to ineptitude and I might have to delete the post after the fact to remove evidence. ;)

  20. I've had my personal share of Write Drunk sessions :)


  21. I kinda like your blogfest suggestions. Even better, get drunk THEN have the dance-off!

    Hopping by from the anti-blogfest ~

  22. I think I could have done that drunk blogfest when I was younger. Now? Not so much... Funny ideas and great post! :-)

  23. Hey you just insulted my cooking, or is that baking. Actually it was probably a compliment! Thanks! :)

    Funny, and I'd win the dance off - hands down - I dance on my hands. :)

    Great choices!


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