Monday, August 5, 2013

Pop Travel Review

At what price is fast transit? What is the lure? Convenience? Speed?
Certain suicide?

Pop Travel by Tara Tyler is a novel that starts with a disappearance and ends with a private detective’s assessment whether pop travel, a teleportation device that gets you there fast, is safe.

Cooper doesn’t want the case. He believes his wannabe client is going off the deep end. But his superficial investigation turns up evidence that grabs his attention. And then he can’t let go. For the safety of his life as well as those around him.
* * * *
Ms. Tyler’s debut novel is a gem among sci-fi enthusiasts, a whodunit combined with science, definitely a winner. The action pulls the reader in from the first page and never gives up until The End appears. In my case after midnight. All the elements were there to ruin my sleep and leave me bleary-eyed the next day.

Excellent read. A fine new author. Do not miss this one.


  1. Have it downloaded and look forward to reading it!

  2. what an angel you are!!! so glad i kept you up! thank youuuuuu!

    cant wait to read yours!

  3. Having a review mention a ruined evening of sleep because they couldn't put their story down is a true compliment. I can't wait to read this gem myself :-)

  4. I keep seeing this one everywhere. I'll have to check it out.

  5. I keep seeing this book popping up too! Well, if you like it, Huntress, then so will I :-D Thank you!

  6. Excellent review! I agree, not being able to put a book down is high praise!
    Congrats Tara!

  7. I agree with the others, so great to read about a book that couldn't be put down. I'm so happy for Tara and looking forward to reading this one myself!

  8. Looking very much forward to reading Tara's novel! :)


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