Monday, August 26, 2013

Query Con

School's in Session at UnicornBell

I am one of the moderators at UnicornBell, a writer’s critique site. 

Last year we held a contest called School’s in Session, or Query Con. Editors judged the final products.

N.W. Harris participated with his query for Joshua's Tree. He received a contract and is now a published author. And *drum roll* came in first in the GoodReads 2013 Summer Reads. 

Well folks, we are doing it again. Query Con or School's in Session, 2013.

We currently have three judges ready to roll up their sleeves:

The plan:
  • First week: Posts about building a successful query.
  • Second week: A week of feedback on submissions
  • Third week: Queries for finished/polished manuscripts only.
  • Week One: The Man Who Needs No Hyperlink (but here it is anyway), Alex J. Cavanaugh, our Ninja Captain, will give us insight into his career as writer and musician. 
  • Week Two: Anyone can submit their query for review.
  • Week Three: Only queries (20) for completed manuscripts, please. Our judges will give their opinion on what works for them and why. They may even ask for more pages.
We are capping the total completed/polished queries at 20 for our judges. 

Call for submissions! Get those queries ready.


  1. Honored to be part of Query Con this year!

  2. Goody! Will get to hear from the Ninja Captain himself, Alex!

    And since I've got an MG story that I'd rather see in the hands of a publisher (self pubbing my stories is great but I'd love to have my MG story get a bit more hands-on), then I shall grit my teeth and participate because, HELLO, you can't get anywhere if you don't try :-)

  3. Yikes, it's almost September...


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