Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So You've Signed the Contract. Now what?

Here is a checklist of what you’ll need to do or consider. Some might apply. Others might not be your cuppa. 

Remember: It is YOUR book, YOUR story that you want to tell. The one person showing the most enthusiasm should be YOU.

After signing the contract:
  • Create a Facebook, twitter, and a Blog/website.
  • Send a News Release to local Newspapers and Radio stations announcing your contract.
  • Join Loops that have authors and readers in your genres. Get involved so that when you have something to promote readers won't think you are a spam and run author.
  • Blog! Practice, practice, practice.
  • Build you Brand.
  • Start Hosting authors on your blog to drive traffic there.

Tip: While waiting for edits, start searching for books similar to yours to find the best genre slots and tags for your books.

Once you have your Release date:
  • Find review sites interested in reviewing your book and let your publisher know so they can get an ARC to them ASAP.
  • Start lining up Blog slots/ interviews with Blogs outside your publisher for your release date and after.
One Month before release or when authors have cover art:
  • Work on trailers if author is interested.
  • Line up guest slots on Radio Shows
  • Start signing up for blog hops.
  • Post Cover art on Blogs, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Contact local artsy places see if they will host a book reading.
    Set up a Google Alert
  • Set up your Author Accounts at Goodreads.
Note: You can’t make an author page at Amazon until your book is released.

Week of Release:
  • Make sure all your Blogs are out to the Guest Blog sites you are blogging at. Thanking them for hosting you.
  • Send out Press Release to local papers and radio stations follow up to see if they will interview you.
  • Talk up your book. (Remember there is a fine line from Promotion and Spam)
  • If the Book is available for presale push people to your publisher’s site to get their copy.
  • Double check your tags, excerpt and Blurbs

Day of Release:
  • Talk up your book!!! Have a Release Party.
  • Make sure to visit the Blogs who are hosting you and leave comments and answer questions.
  • DO NOT ask people to TAG until all Amazon sites are live. Usually 48 hours after Amazon US goes live.
  • Add book to Goodreads (use the ISBN number)
After Release:
  • Keep Writing.
  • Keep Blogging.
  • Keep Promoting.
  • Get readers to leave reviews on Amazon. (Honest reviews) and tag your books.
  • Get Involved with Blog Hops.
  • Update Amazon to make sure all your books are showing up on your Amazon Author Page.

Remember The Golden Rule: if you help other authors they will help you.


  1. Sounds like a good checklist! And there earlier you can do those things, the better. (Like a blog tour - some of the best sites fill up months in advance.)
    Staying active afterwards is so important. For one thing, it doesn't look like all you were doing was building to promote. It also builds momentum. My first book didn't hit the best seller list until eleven months after its release. What if I'd quit?

  2. I'll have to bookmark this for when I get to this point.

  3. I wish I'd had this checklist last year! Great advice and I am going to bookmark it to use for the future.


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