Friday, August 30, 2013

Published Author. And so it Begins

The earthquake wasn’t his fault. Not this time.

I wrote those words three years ago as the beginning paragraph to Wilder Mage. Then I deleted them, added them back, changed them, deleted, added...ah well. If you are a writer, you know what I'm talking about.
"I spent the morning putting in a comma and the afternoon removing it.” - Gustave Flaubert

Justus Aubre is a wilder
A mage unbound to the Imperium, and therefore a dangerous wild card in their eyes. The Imperium wants him, wants his power, but Justus has hidden for many years and now has some semblance of a normal life. All that’s about to change when Sable Rounds walks through the door of his antique shop, looking for work. Justus instantly knows what Sable is, he just doesn’t know the danger he’s in.

Alone, also on the run from the Imperium, Sable longs for a normal life. For somewhere to belong. She finds this when Justus hires her, but she knows it’s temporary and fragile, an illusion. Though she hates to think about it, she knows that one day she will have to move on.

The Imperium is always behind her, waiting. When they finally find Sable, they find Justus. And all hell’s about to break loose.

CD Coffelt lives outside Maryville, Missouri with a bemused husband and way too many cats. She adores all things fantasy with a special love for urban and epic.

With a passion for good writing and Doritos as companions, locating Middle-Earth on a dusty road in rural Missouri wasn’t difficult. All it took was a little Magic, hours of reading, and an overactive imagination.

Wilder Mage
CD Coffelt, Huntress

Question: Keep my original Photoshopped shot made by my little brother? (That IS me, top right, at the age of 18 months). Or post my Author Photo? 


  1. I think that's a great line.
    And I like your icon. I say keep it.

  2. CD, your book sounds right up my alley! I also like the picture of you at 18 months. I agree with Alex.

  3. I would say keep the icon, but have your author photo on your "about me" page :)

    PS: Congrats again on the release - and no worries:)

  4. :D I won't go against the crowd because I want you to be comfortable. Plus, people have started associating that icon with you. But I agree you should have your author photo on your "about me" page. I think it turned out well!

  5. I'll agree with the crowd. Provided that's what you want. Otherwise...

  6. What they said :)

    Congrats, my friend :)

  7. Yay! I wanted to keep my Weird and Strange bunny killer aka Huntress Shot a Bunny photo also.

    Changed some stuff on the right to reflect my status.


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