Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writing a Press Release

or Terror Strikes Author 

I remember the dreaded question posed by friends and family:
“So, what are you doing these days?”
Why was it so hard to say the words, I’m a writer? It took a wagon load of courage to finally answer a former co-worker without mumbling. And even then it came out as a stutter. “I’m-m-ma, ah, wri...ter.” The final syllable dropped off like a ten-pound weight.

Totally different now when asked. I say it without thinking and the days of choking out the words are long past.

With that hurdle behind me, I now face a different bump in the road.

Press release.

Is that insane or what? Me? Issuing a press release? But my publisher suggested that I submit one to the local papers letting them know that an author is in their midst. I created one, but I haven’t sent it off yet. With every third-person paragraph that I wrote, I hit a new level of self-consciousness. I'm sure that I'll acquire the courage someday but for now:

Any suggestions? Comments? Have you written a press release for your local papers? How did it go? 


  1. No, I haven't! My publisher handles the press releases.

  2. I was just emailing a friend about this, Lisa Regan. She wrote some that were successful and was willing to share. I am trying to write some myself and having a terrible time!! Love the Jurassic Park reference, that's exactly how I feel doing these LOL.

    Good luck if you get back to them!

  3. Update: I yelled Geronimo and jumped over the edge of the cliff. Sent out the press release that I composed. Got an immediate response with a note saying "looks good!".
    Amazing what those two words can do for the lily-livered cowards like me. Love alliterations btw.

  4. I've never written a press release, but it sounds like it turned out well for you. Good luck with your book!


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