Wednesday, October 2, 2013

IWSG - That Look of Disdain

This scene of the final battle between Voldemort and Harry Potter is one of my favorites for several reasons.

First, my genre is fantasy and magic. Second, it is the climactic battle between good and evil.

Third, I like the colors.

Now maybe marketing isn't in the same good/bad category, but it feels like it. Consider the telemarketer. He has to call a total stranger and make a pitch that hooks that person in three seconds. I usually hang up. I say "usually" because sometimes I play around:

Telemarketer: The sheriff of [insert name of small town here] wants me to inform you about their charity campaign to sell light bulbs to feed hungry children. 
Me: Holy Crap! We have a sheriff? When did that happen?
Yeah, it’s stupid but sometimes life in the country needs more than cow-tipping for entertainment.

Telemarketers. I blame them what I see on the faces of friends and strangers when I try to hand them a bookmark of Wilder Mage. The curling lip, the rolling eyes; that slight look of disdain. I smile and say, this card is just for information.

The replies:
“How much do you want for it?” Er, not selling it. Just letting people know about the book.

“So you wrote these books. (in addition to disgust, now add suspicion) How much did you pay to print them?” Nothing. The publisher pays me. I don’t pay the publisher.

“This looks satanic. Are these books about devil worship?” GAh, no. no. no. no.

And so it goes. I’m already fighting my introverted nature to go out into the cold cruel world. Now, I have to battle the ones who give the word entrepreneur such a bad name.

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  1. I know the feeling! People are so suspicious.
    I like your response. I need to remember that next time.

  2. Shocking that people are SO suspicious of a lovely bookmark that your handing out for free... Keep at it CD, not everyone is that backward... GEEZ....

    Great scene from HP. I LOVE and write fantasy too!

  3. A free bookmark? I'm sold! ;) Keep trying, people will lighten up.

  4. I have to battle my nature also when I'm at a booksigning. I'm not shy but I don't like speaking with strangers either.

  5. Never been much of a salesperson myself. Tried selling tuperware and failed miserably! The writing was the easy part, now I am dealing with the hard part, sales and marketing,,,self promotion. Being a shy person myself I find this a constant challenge. Loved your post.

  6. Having never published before I can only imagine the look. But i've heard of another look- the look that you get from adoring fans. You're published, it'll happen. And just one of those looks received at a book signing or seen through the comments on an Amazon customer review will undo any number of those disdainful looks. Screw 'em- the poeple who matter will be intrigued and read. I've heard it too many times from too many fdifferent authors not to believe it.

    Write on!
    (October IWSG co-host)

  7. There's got to be a better way. And the person that figures it out will make a mint.

  8. Marketing is my least favorite activity of writing.


  9. OMGosh! Someone seriously said it looked satanic?! So sorry. Well, the good news is there are people out there who love fantasy. We just have to get your book into their hands.

  10. Go easy on telemarketers. It's a terrible job. Unfortunately, I speak from experience. Most of the time, the nicest thing you can do is hang up so they can make their hourly call quota.

    That said, your line about the sheriff is funny.


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