Monday, October 7, 2013

CassaStorm, The Originals, Vampire Diaries, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Sleepy Hollow

Ninja Captain Alex Cavanaugh was gracious enough to give me time on his blog today. Go see why I say all writers are selfish and only concerned for their own self-interests. 

Speaking of the man who needs no hyperlink, I was the fortunate one who won a mug on his blog, and I do love my tea.
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Not many times do new television programs grab my attention. This fall it is different.

My old standby, The Vampire Diaries, came out with a spin off, The Originals. It follows a bad-natured, first vampire ever created and his push to re-take New Orleans from some *really* bad-natured vampires that he made years before. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. First off, Vampire Diaries is beginning to wallow a bit, like a hippo in deep mud. 
The Originals was rather interesting until the final scene in the premiere. Blech. K. Whatever. I’ll give it a second chance but with a dubious eye.

I’ve seen three episodes of Sleepy Hollow and while not a irritating as that last scene in Originals, the show does make me talk to the TV. As in, “Now dang it, if you go in there, you know the fur is gonna fly. So why are you STILL GOING IN THERE...?”

I hope it doesn’t trip into a mud pit of stereotypes and Meh-dom. It already messed up when the MC, a hot-looking dude turned out to be married. Hey, I do have my fantasies.

Shield is excellent. I am really looking forward to the next episode. No, “I’ll give it another chance” with this one.

I'd already determined that it had a great cast, good script, excellent characters, and I love Phillip, btw. Then Nick Fury turned up and took my enjoyment to a whole 'nuther level.

So have you read my post over at Alex's house? Seen any of the new programs? Worship Phillip like I do? Yell at the TV?


  1. You certainly stirred up the comments!
    Glad you are enjoying your mug. Wish I could've gotten one, but my publisher did send the poster.
    S.H.I.E.L.D. is excellent and I'm really enjoying Sleepy Hollow. So far, so good.

  2. Loved you guest post! Congrats on the win.

    I am finding myself not quite loving the new shows yet, either, saying I'll give 'em one more episode...

    1. Thank you! I hoped folks would 'get it' :)

      Seriously, I am still amazed by our writerly groups So ready to help and give time to others.

  3. I LOVE PHILLIP. I also loved Nick Fury's cameo in SHIELD.

    I have The Originals on my DVR, but I haven't decided if I'm going to bother with it—and I totally hear you on The Vampire Diaries.

    I have enjoyed Sleepy Hollow though, and Tom Mison is nice to look at and listen to, so there's that.

  4. Nice to meet you! Great post on Alex's blog today~

    I need to watch Shield~
    I love Sleepy Hollow, but I too am talking to the

  5. Icabod Crane's wife is dead/stuck in another realm, so he's kinda free...

  6. I love SHIELD. The writing is superb.

  7. Felt that way about VD last week. Disappointed! PVR'd The Originals though, can't wait.


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