Friday, October 11, 2013

Robin Lythgoe and RM Burgess

New books, great books.

Robin Lythgoe has a one-day sale coming this Monday for her novel As the Crow Flies.


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Empire of Zon by RM Burgess
Matthew Keith Reviews

"Science Fiction at its finest. An absolutely engrossing story, one that sinks you deep into the lives of the people who populate the world that's been created.

Every aspect of this incredibly imaginative story has been exquisitely detailed. With many books that attempt to create such an intricate framework, the failure lies in incomplete or conflicting details. This is not the case with The Empire of the Zon, and it is all just backdrop to an amazing plot.

RM Burgess has created a saga of epic proportions that easily rivals stories such as John Carter.

For originality, strength of voice, character development, and the level of detail that's been brought to life in this novel, I'm happy to award it 5 of 5 stars."

Check out these two books. Love me some fantasy and sci-fi.

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