Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Matthew Keith Reviews, The King's Son

From time to time, I will post reviews and interviews by Matthew Keith.

The King's Son by JF Castillo

"In this fantasy adventure novel, a young prince undertakes a journey to save his his kingdom. His father, the king, is old and sick. The kingdom, as a result, has been neglected and poorly governed. Both the king and the prince are very unpopular, seen by the people as unfit rulers.

In the midst of this upheaval, the prince is told that an artifact of great significance - a key - has been stolen. In the wrong hands, this key could open the door that could lead to the ruination of the kingdom. The prince is tasked with finding the thief and returning the key. Seeing it as a chance to prove himself to his people, the prince gladly accepts the task and the plot is born.

This is a well-wrought story with many twists. Most of the characters don't turn out to be who you think they are, making you second-guess many of their decisions only to find later they had an agenda all

Although there are a number of editing issues that have a tendency to interfere with the pacing and flow of the writing, they are not enough to keep the story from holding your interest through to the end, which is left wide open for a sequel.

I look forward to seeing more from JF Castillo and would recommend this story to any fan of classic fantasy adventure.

I give The King's Son 3.5 stars out of 5."


  1. I like the idea of the plot. Sounds like it could be really suspenseful.

  2. The editing wasn't bad enough to turn you off? Sometimes that'll make me put the book down.

  3. Matt still liked it very much. I trust his judgement. I can speak from experience that formatting can be difficult.


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