Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IWSG - Asking for Help


It’s a family reunion and everyone is mingling, talking about their little escapades. Except for that one gal sitting by herself reading.

Now, go to another scene. A kid is stacking blocks. The blocks topple and fall. When an adult starts to show the proper way of building a tower, it enrages the tyke who exclaims, “I do it.”

Prepare yourself for a revelation.

I am the quiet one reading in a social gathering with the “I do it” mentality. I don’t like to ask for help, and making a spectacle of myself is abhorrent.

I come from a long line of no-talkers. My brothers are the same way. When we get together in one room, we are comfortable with silence. Drives my daughter and hubby CraZy.

So how does a mutant market books?

Believe me, it is excruciating. Standing on a virtual platform and yelling “Look at me!” is like peeling skin off one strip at a time.

But I do it because I want my book to sell well and justify all the faith my publisher, editors, family, and beta buddies have in me.

I do it because to do otherwise is to quit halfway to the finish line when I’m ahead. 


  1. Yes, I was that kid too. I hated asking for help. I've gotten a little better over the years. I'm a natural born hermit, so marketing is painful for me too - I will try to conquer it one day :-/

  2. Just stopping by from the IWSG to say Hi :)

    as an introvert myself, I'm glad to hear that it CAN be done :) Its the thing I'm really NOT looking forward to if i ever get published.

    Boy, i LOVE the IWSG :) Thanks honey.


  3. I still am that kid. But like Vikki said, it's great to know that it can be done. I'm not looking forward to it at all, should I ever get to that point, but I take heart that it's possible.

  4. Oh yeah, I was absolutely that kid. And I'm very not looking forward to the self promotion. I think the best way to go about it is to not pretend. Be who you are, because there are other people who love the same things you do. That way you get to be excited about it too.

  5. Writers tend to be that kid. Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone. That's not an easy thing to do.

  6. I don't like to do it either. But that's what makes this community awesome - others can do the shouting for us.

  7. Know all about this. Still can't put myself too far out there, yet. Just put up my first post for the IWSG and boy do I ever need this group.

  8. I'm the same. I hate self-promotion and I've utterly failed at marketing so far. I don't like seeming pushy, and don't have the confidence to put myself out there! But I'm determined to do my books justice! Best of luck!

  9. Although I don't mind making a loud fool of myself, I'm with Alex - coerce others into doing the shouting for you :)

  10. I totally get that. I hate sales. If someone had told me before I wrote my first book that I was going down a path that would turn me into a salesman, I might not have gone down it.

  11. Don't you wish there was a magic way to put out a book and have everyone find it?

  12. Don't worry too much about it. There are only negative possibilities here. Someone could: a) not read your book because your marketing doesn't impress them (lack of marketing will do the same thing) or b) they will read your book and won't like it (but you got their money anyway).

  13. Hi CD. From one non-talker to another... we'll get there. In our own time.
    Happy Writing
    September co-host for the IWSG.
    Writer In Transit


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