Thursday, September 12, 2013

Justus is Center Stage and Irritated. Matthew Keith with Alex Witney's Review

Justus Aubre, my MC for Wilder Mage, doesn't care for the spotlight. Or for answering questions. Too bad.
He's squirming over at the Musa Publishing blog.

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Zombies: They're Not All Brain-Eaters by Alex Witney

A review by Matthew Keith.

The title of this book had me hooked before I read a single word. I'm a big fan of zombie movies, even the ones on Netflix that are truly awful. In fact, I may be more of a fan of the awful ones than the ones that made it into theaters.

This had a Shaun of the Dead feel to it: two roommate slackers who go on an adventure in a zombified world. The difference in this story is that the world has been zombified for a while, and one of slackers is already a zombie thanks to a serum that brings dead tissue (mostly brain tissue) back to life. The serum has become mainstream across the entire world and a great portion of the population is now undead, and thanks to pro-nameyourcause movements, they've been given most of the same rights as the UN-undead population.

The concept behind this book is wonderful, witty, and presented in a comical light. The first few pages of the book really set the tone-loved it. There is no way you could interpret this story as anything but humorous.

There are a few very glaring editorial issues, which unfortunately took away from the story. The author, while having put together a great plot and back-story, could have tightened up many of the scenes and made the comedic portions of the story a bit more 'silly'. After all, the premise of the book is, in itself, very silly, so why not capitalize on that aspect as often and as prominently as possible.

I did enjoy this book overall, and could easily see it ending up as a screenplay. I absolutely LOVED the way it ended. Kudos to a very creative author who could probably use a more aggressive editor.

I give Zombies: They're Not All Brain-Eaters 3 of 5 stars.

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Check out Alex's book then go to Musa's blog site and give Justus a hard time. He needs a dose of humility.


  1. Sounds cool. A good ending can make up for a lot of other issues...if the reader gets there.


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