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Matthew Keith Review for Wilder Mage

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Review for Wilder Mage

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely FantasticSeptember 18, 2013
This review is from: Wilder Mage (The Magic Withheld) (Kindle Edition)

If I could give this novel 6 stars, I would. I am humbled and dumbstruck at the idea that this is CD Coffelt's debut novel. She will become a household name as long as she doesn't put down her pen. Or laptop. Or whatever.

Set in modern times, in an urban landscape, this is the story of Justus Aubre, a powerful mage who lives his life on the run from those who rule the world of magic, the Imperium. He lives by staying below their radar, never showing himself for who and what he is unless absolutely necessary. Sable Rounds--a young lady who is also a mage and coincidentally number one on the "naughty list" with the Imperium--changes all that. They meet, fall in love, and Justus's life is changed forever.

There is no way for me to convey how well-written and complete this novel is, in every way. This is one of those novels I strongly considered calling in sick in order to finish reading. It has grit, substance, and depth that is rarely found in the fantasy genre.

If you're a fan of fantasy and have an already-deep reading list, do yourself the favor of adding this one and putting it toward the top. From the very first paragraph right to the amazing ending, you will not be disappointed. And you will absolutely want more.




  1. Carol, that's awesome! We live for those kinds of reviews.

  2. What a great review. Congrats CD.


  3. Oh my goodness, what an amazing review! Congratulations to you!!!
    I was already interested in your book but this review sure did push me to get to it more quickly. :)

  4. Its great to get an awesome review. Even better when its four paragraphs and so detailed. These are the best reviews!

  5. Wow, fantastic review! Congratulations!

  6. So I've seen this book mentioned elsewhere, but now I've decided to go buy it. Sounds like the new must-read.


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