Monday, February 18, 2013

Here's Your Sign (that you're a Writer)

You know you’re a writer when:

-The hubby smashes his finger with a ten-pound hammer and all you can think about on the trip to the ER is how to put the screaming in a scene

-Poor grammar in famous books drives you nuts

-Reading for pleasure morphs into reading for stylistic ideas

-You talk to the voices in your head
-And they answer

-Interruptions from spouse/kids/phone/fire in the kitchen tee you off

-You've been writing since 5 am and are shocked when you realize the sun is up and it is lunchtime

-When the voices wake you in the middle of the night, the scrawl you made on the phone book by the bed needs translated

-Scribbling a chapter ending without taking your eyes off the road while driving actually makes sense.

-Human behavior in a mall is prime fodder for your wip
-People are suspicious when you stare at them in a mall

-Meals are a distraction and entirely voluntary

-Caffeine is your boon companion

-Chocolate is mandatory to complete tough scenes

-The family grows to expect non-verbal responses when you are writing

-Pen and writing material are close by at all times
-Post-its, paper napkins, used envelopes, and magazine covers are acceptable writing material

Being a writer gives you one of Life’s highest highs and lowest lows.


But you keep on truckin’ 


  1. Ha ha! Your poor hubby. Did you figure out a way to include it in your writing?

    I had a similar experience this week. Not with a hammer, but with an infection. The grossness of it all really needed to be put into words to purge it from my mind. All I kept thinking was, "the zombie apocalypse is starting at my house. MY house!"

    1. Yep, but I didn't tell him. Not sure if he'd approve, HA.

      I swear, zombies are pulling me into their world slowly but surely. What a development this is!

  2. Hey, isn't that an R. Crumb illustration? Anyone who digs Crumb is weird enough for me!

    1. It's a seventies thing! Keep On Truckin'

      My high school/college years, band, and Iron Butterfly's Inna Gadda Davita.

      Yay, for the Seventies!

  3. You accidentally leave out the "passive voice" in your blog posts or e-mails.

    1. Accidentally? How about 'highly aware of' to the point of total freezing up on personal emails to brothers or nieces who don't know or care what a 'to be' verb is?

  4. LOL This is so me, too! Great post!

  5. Okay, way to many of these are true for me. ;) This was great.

  6. Replies
    1. I missed a few 'signs':

      You know you're a writer when...people who you've never met become some of you best friends ever.

      You know you're a writer when...people who you've never met offer to help you with your precious baby, your wip.

      I'm sure everyone can think of a bunch more :)

  7. I guess I'm not a writer, then. Yes, caffeine and me, not friends. Enemies.

    1. Equal amounts of chocolate and/or ice cream is the equivalent of caffeine.

  8. Family grows to expect non-verbal responses when you are writing
    That one, the chocolate comment, and using what happens in real life as fodder for scenes had me laughing. I guess, after reading this, I am indeed doomed to be called a writer. Lol
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. I cut my own finger pretty badly and between the panic of finding a bandage to stop the blood and the saying of "Sh--" to make myself feel better, my thoughts were flooded with how blood really does smell like copper, and I'd make sure to mention the metallic smell whenever I wrote a bloody scene.

  10. There is no denying the truth of this post! :)

  11. Hahaaa, these are all SO true. We can relate cuz we're writers too. Yep, done most of these...


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