Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zombies Have Claimed Me

I am late to this zombie loving party. Blame it on the game Plants vs Zombies and Warm Bodies. Both eased me into their lair.

The Walking Dead. Michael and Marcy told me to watch it and long ago, I did see the pilot. What turned me off at the time was the stereotypical portrayal of a redneck racist who spouted crap. I reckon there is a need for drama/conflict but my lip curled after that first scene with Merle. Just don’t care for the stuff.

The Dead marathon on AMC let me watch several episodes for a bit more perspective. Not that everything was sugar cookies with sprinkles though. I nearly deleted the whole thing on my DVR several times. But now Daryl is coming along nicely. Glenn is very cool. Lori is still an idiot but whatever; as long as Carl doesn't get his brains ate, I will remain.

I haven’t seen all the past shows and the new episodes tell me that not everyone has survived. Interesting. I wonder how Dale croaked, er, tasted.

I might be a little slow. But you can bet, tonight, The Walking Dead will have my complete attention.


  1. I've been catching up via NetFlix. So I'll probably just watch the Oscars tonight.

  2. Carl does look good in that hat :)



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