Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Fer Tuesday

On June 5, I begin a new posting schedule.

And a proposition.

Be the first two that comment and receive a crit of your choice.

Need a fresh eye to scan your first page? Your query? I will critique two, 250 – 300 word submissions.

It can be one-on-one comments, just between us. Or I can post it for others to critique as well. Your choice.

Next Tuesday, the 5th of June, leave a comment on my Two Fer post and receive opinions on style, grammar, flow, and hook.


  1. We've been warned!
    That's a really nice offer, Huntress.

  2. that would be a nice treat on ubell too =)
    you're actually a nice person! i dont care what anyone says! (ha ha)


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