Sunday, May 27, 2012

Songs Sunday

The day I spring my newest sounds on the world.

Writing to music has become a necessity. Certain rhythms set the scene, fueling the inner muse.

Or for exercise. Tunes: the powerful motivator. 

Gotta have music that kicks me into gear.

The movie, O Brother, Where Art Thou, features the Soggy Bottom Boys (aka Dan Tyminski) rendition of The Man of Constant Sorrows. After listening to this bluegrass tune, I didn’t think improvement was possible.

I was wrong.

Charm City Devils slows their version to give time for the bass to vibrate. Sweet, like molasses, but with a dark flavor, so different from the movie version but not so much that I can't enjoy both. Like choosing between a premium chocolate bar and the same brand with nuts. 

Both are excellent


  1. Music is a must for writing and working out. And it's cool when a band can remake a song even better.

  2. it's a great song. Sadly, I have trouble writing to music most of the time:(

    1. it's got to be instrumental or soundtracks for me to concentrate on writing. Like the soundtrack from True Blood or Master and Commander, Pride and Prejudice.

  3. I can't write to music. I need silence.

  4. I like this! A lot! Thanks. :)

  5. loooove that movie! shows george clooney was born in the wrong era!


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