Monday, May 7, 2012


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A to Z was enjoyable, frustrating, informative, time consuming, and enlightening.

Enjoyable and informative because I met:

And a big thanks to Alex for the shout out. Talk about absolutely humbling.

Frustrating because so many bloggers didn’t let me follow back. Or even edit their settings to allow public viewing.

Time consuming because this year, April was a busy month around the farm and I did not anticipate a few of the emergencies.

My theme made posting simple. I actually had a lot of fun finding the movies and quotes I liked. Scheduling the posts days ahead of time was like buttering bread, an uncomplicated no-brainer.

Some blogs kept the highly irritating word verifications. While others did not allow access, a definite head-scratcher. I visited many blogs and left comments. If the new blog was interesting or about writing, I followed.

Some blogs were too political. I passed on those. Occasionally, a posting made me jump back in my chair. I stumbled away from those as well.

All in all a good experience. But like childbirth, we forget the hard parts.

As Ahhhnold said, will I ‘be baaaack’?

Color me undecided. It was a difficult month. My WIP suffered like a stray dog left by the roadside.

Summary: I loved doing it; glad I did the 2012 A to Z Challenge.
Next year? Unsure. 


  1. I had fun guessing the movie quotes! (Movie junkie, so your theme was right up my alley.) There were a few blogs I just couldn't figure out enough to even leave a comment. But overall, found some cool new ones.
    Hope you'll be back!

  2. ditto! frustrating, yet fulfilling yet, where was i in my edit?!
    loved your one liners!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! I loved your blog so much, I spotlighted you as well on my Reflections post! You were a great addition to my follow list and I'm excited to learn more from you posts and experience all the great things you have to contribute.

  4. I loved your theme! Even if I only made it by a few times. I also really loved Shaun's photography blog. It was one of my favorite discoveries.

    1. Ditto on this! He's got some stellar stuff over there!

  5. That pretty much sums it up for me, too! Thanks for the fun movie posts.

  6. Great follow up post. Poor stray dog wip. Mine suffered too, but meeting new people was so much fun.

  7. Time consuming - you bet! I only got to a handful of your posts, but enjoyed them :-) One thing I see is a lot of people upset about non-follow backs, and I'm wondering if I should swap following RSS feeds for the Google Friend Connect - do you show up as a "follower" if you subscribe to emails or feeds? Do the blog owners see you? (Aside from the comments you leave.)

    1. Usually I don't subscribe to emails but use Google Friend or Linky followers.

      If someone does follow me using the email tab, I am unaware of them.

  8. My wip suffered too. Yet, because of the constant commenting I did on other blogs, my words flow more freely. Now I'm back to writing and satisfaction flows through me at the start of each day.

  9. i hope you come back--i am planning to--today :)

  10. At the rate I am going, catching up is going to be just as much of a challenge. Congrats on making it across the finish line :)

  11. Visiting from A/Z post challenge reflections; congrats on finishing! I think you had a great theme too; will have to check out some of them after I finish writing this comment. I too agree about the word verification; that became frustrating trying to leave a comment and trying to put in the nonsensical letters. I'm with you; the jury is still out about whether I participate next year or not. It was a wild adventure and I relativley enjoyed it, but not sure I want to repeat it again.

    have a great weekend!



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