Monday, March 19, 2012

TV Shows, The Hunger Games, and I’ll Never Take Him With Me Again

Two TV shows have my full attention this week.

One program that I’ve blogged about before is Justified. The storyline and acting surpasses anything I’ve seen on the small screen and in theaters with the exception of Schindler’s List. The audience knows who the good guy is, that hunky, flawed Marshall Raylan Givens. But who is the bad guy, the mirror image who is his equal? The bad guys are dropping like flies. His ultimate opponent is not the obvious one, I suspect. I believe I know who his opponent will be. Not Boyd, btw.

The other show premieres this week. I watched the pilot of Touch last Thursday. All I can say Ho Ly Stuff and Nonsense. The star of 24, Kiefer Sutherland, plays the father of a dyslexic boy who can see the future through numbers. I had no idea how the various storylines could connect but at the end, I was sitting on the edge of my chair saying stuff like, OMGoodness and Holy Sheeyat. The season starts this Thursday.

Hunger Games opens this Friday. I’ll wait for the crowds to thin before I go. And take along a pocket full of tissues.

Now, the Hubby Story.

Picture the Sweet Babboo and me in the office of a car salesman. The offer for a pickup is on the desk, written for everyone to see. I take the sheet, add $300 to the price and say, “will you split the difference, install the $600 footboards, for this price?”

The salesman pauses, the gears turning, grinding. I can see he is thinking about my counter offer.

The Sweet Babboo stirs. “No, he can’t do that. He’s already taken enough off the price.”


Salesman smiles. “Your Sweet Babboo, I mean hubby is correct. I can’t take anything off.”

I am not mad. Not even a little. It’s why I love the man. He gives me such great stories.

Are you watching Justified or Touch? Seeing The Hunger Games? Got a spouse story?


  1. I'd facepalm too! Hm, this is my fifth try at commenting. Blogger keeps telling me that there's "conflicting issues." I have no idea what that means!

  2. I love Justified! We watch it on Netflix so I'm always a season behind, but get so excited to watch two or three or four episodes in a row :) Love Timothy Olyphant! I haven't heard of Touch, but it sounds interesting. I'll have to wait til the first season is on Netflix :)

  3. Those shows really sound interesting. I'll have to wait until Touch makes it to Netflix or see if it shows online. Will check out Justified as well.

    As for hubby in car salesman's office moment: Really? Just. Wow. Really? All I can do is shake my head.

  4. my kids saw a commercial of touch & made me dvr it!
    i am with you on hunger games. it will still be there next week and no one will spoil it for me. pick a day & time and we can txt during or after =)
    doh! on the hubby story. i'm not at liberty to discuss mine...but i am more inclined to be the nicer one accepting the price.

  5. Love Justified--all the characters, though Raylan is my favorite.

    Will definitely see Hunger Games, though maybe not the first weekend. I'm not fond of crowds.

    I do want to give Touch a chance, too.

  6. I haven't heard of Justified, but your description makes me think I'd better check it out! I'm definitely looking forward to the Hunger Games. :)


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