Saturday, March 3, 2012


This is farming along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers in 2011.

Highways, farms, livelihoods, houses, trees, and family.


On the Missouri, 207,000 acres were affected. An acquaintance lost his life along this river while performing his job.

In the proposed budget for 2013, The Missouri River RecoveryProgram, money was set aside to re-build those levees for flood control and maintenance.

7.7 million dollars.

Set aside for fish and wildlife restoration:

82.3 million

Did you catch that? 

To the farmers

and residents

seven percent of the budgeted 90 million goes to restoring the levees and their lives.

The balance of 82.3 million of our tax dollars goes to possibly the ugliest fish on the planet.

 And to the birds.


  1. Yeah, that is wrong. Our environment is important, but not that much more important than us. I bet if more than half of the funds went towards rebuilding the levees, everyone would be all right.

  2. Wow. I agree. That isn't right. I think some people need to get their priorities straightened around.

  3. W T F???
    and they wonder why they have no money to run the government!
    what is wrong with these people!


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