Monday, August 8, 2011

You Might Be a Writer If...
In the vein of Jeff Foxworthy and his ‘you might be a redneck’ comedy routine, I am starting, ‘You might be a writer’.

Feel free to contribute. Or swipe ‘em as the case may be.

Okay. Me first.

You might be a writer if…you decided to write a few minutes before sunrise and breakfast. Now the sun is up, hubby gone, and it is lunchtime.

You might be a writer if…the word ‘query’, in any context, gets your attention.

You might be a writer if…your family knows that a vacant stare means the voices are speaking to you.

Now it is your turn.


  1. You might be a writer got up so early to write that you groggily put hot chocolate in the coffee maker instead of caffeine-infested grounds.

    Yeah, it's gonna be a looong day.

  2. You might be a writer if ... you consider it a good night’s sleep when your head falls to the keyboard without hitting the delete key and erasing a two-thousand word scene.

  3. You might be a writer if, after you accidentally hit your shin on the coffee table, you then document the phases the resulting bruise goes through, just in case you ever need the info for a book.

  4. @ Anna, Anita, and Linda:
    I am so posting these!

    *still laughing and nodding my head*

  5. You might be a writer if 'Talking to yourself' is just you 'plotting'

  6. You might be a writer if everything around you is a potential story idea!

  7. You might be a writer if a personalized rejection makes you happy because its better than a form rejection.

    You might be a writer if your imaginary "friends" out number the real ones in your life.

  8. you might be a writer if you narrate your shopping trip to make it sound more exciting...

    "then she dashed into target to pick up the school supplies and almost collided with the friend she'd been trying to avoid. what small talk would get her out of this one?"

  9. You might be a writer if your shopping list contains side plot diagrams and unfinished dialogue lines.

    You might be a writer if you purchase a baby naming book and you're neither pregnant nor have kids.

  10. ...if; you finish typing 300 pages, only to discover those pages belong in another story you began two years ago, and not in your current wip!

    ...if; you begin to call your kids by the names of your characters!

    ...if; you get stuck in a scene because you forgot to ask your protagonist what he/she would do next!


Your Turn. Don't Be Shy

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