Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When It Comes Together

My WIP became a living Moment of Irrevocable Commitment. The characters took my hand and are now leading the way.

This happened at 57K, that goosebumpidy feeling. Wow. My characters are more than words on a page. They became real.

Before returning to my world, I must give some Shoutouts.

Thank you, thank you. I hope you understand if I pay it forward at a later date. See, it’s the Voices. They gnaw at me.

UPDATE: Thank you to the big-hearted Alex Cavanaugh for extending this award to me as well. His blog is a must-see, must-do, a place for all interested in SF/F. Visiting his blog is part of my daily routine, along with coffee and turning on the computer (not necessarily in that order).

Your award made me get all teary eyed. Nuff said. Thank you.

They had the coolest blog post ever. To see it click here.

NPR sponsored a vote for the best ever SF/F books. I intended to post the site, whoop, and holler. But the Voices, they kinda took over.

Again, a big Thanks to my Followers, but something is yanking my shirttail, clawing at my mind. *Yes, yes, I know I left you two in bed together. Cool it and don’t do anything till I get back*

Is there a point where your characters take over? I mean, really, really take over? After the midpoint of your WIP?


  1. It's different w/every book. But usually, it's that moment when I REALLY know them inside and out and respect them for their flaws and strengths both, that we start being in sync. And synchronicity is a beautiful thing indeed. :) Congrats on the awards, but even more for finding your mojo!

  2. I don't know when it happens but it seems at some point you know you have to finish the story because these are people's lives now and you can't just leaving them hanging in the middle.

  3. you keep writing! i think that award has made the rounds. it's like getting "boo'd" 2 or 3 times at halloween =)

  4. And I appreciate you taking the time to come see me!
    My characters don't take over, but once I'm on a roll, it flows.

  5. Congratulations on the way your WIP is coming together! Having your characters come alive is the best feeling when you're writing - when your story and the characters become real :)

    Btw, I tagged you in a meme if you'd like to particpate.

  6. Yippeeee! I love it when they start taking the bull by the horns. Oh...wait, I'm the bull? Yeah, I do enjoy when you get to that point in a book, but as a control freak it makes me uncomfortable. Ultimately they win, though. Enjoy!

  7. Mine took over after the halfway point. It was kind of like the 'shut up and listen' attitude, lol.


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