Monday, August 15, 2011

The Peak of Summer

We take them in stride now, the hot days of summer, and the word ‘winter’ has no meaning.

Truly, the idea of snow and cold is an imaginary time, those days when ice storms blocked us in.

Now the cicadas sing, the tomatoes are plentiful, and we turn down offers of watermelon. The flowers sprawl in untidy clumps, the lawn grows without enthusiasm. Time for school buses and traffic from returning university students. The Cat Days of summer begin on the seventeenth.

Autumn sneaks up on us. Harvest Moon is next month. Across our fields of soybeans and corn, there is a faint touch of yellow signaling their end. Soon, harvest will be in full swing and the combines will eat the acres while grain trucks stir up clouds of dust. Days begin before sunrise and end long after twilight.

It is the cycle of our lives and I love it.


  1. I like the cycle of the seasons but I wish the winter cycle was a little shorter :)

  2. Lovely post. I like the cycle, too, though, like mshatch above, I could do with winter being a bit shorter.

  3. I'm feeling the hum of fall in the air. I'm so excited! This is my favorite season. Not that I'm wishing summer away, but, oh, okay, I am. No more hot dogs for this girl. I want apple pie and hot chocolate!

  4. I love the turn from summer to fall. The smells of cooler weather, the anticipation of my friend's pumpkin-baked treats...and then the holidays. OH!! I can hardly wait.

  5. Fall is my FAVORITE season of all. For the above reasons that Bethany stated, and also teh changing of the leaves. I envy you the country life. It sounds so beautiful and serene.


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