Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exercise Your Creativity

I found a way to exercise and write at the same time. With a notebook in front of me, I can write a scene or blog post at about 4 mph.

Note yesterday’s post, "Finish Your Novel".

And yes, that is Edward on the wall in front of me, as if I am ‘…running toward him…’

The hubby grumbled a little over my inspiration. “You oughta have MY photo up there not some character from a novel.”
“Hey, your photo provides inspiration also,” I said.
“Oh, yeah? Where is it?”
“Behind me.”
 His response was sooo typical.


  1. Great stuff, love the multi-tasking. :-)

  2. My wife puts up anyone else's photo for inspiration, it's coming down!

  3. Hilarious!

    I've wanted to do that, but I write much better on the computer and would have to build a contraption to set the laptop on the tredmil.

  4. @ Alex
    hmmm....'fraid I need a ruling from the Missus on that one. LOL

    Srsly, as a woman grown and having lived through a time when the wife couldn't test drive a car without the husband, no one tells me what to do.
    Independent R Us!

    @ Juliana
    There are modifications for laptops! Some kind of board or shelf put where my spiral notebook is so you can Write 'n Run.

    You should see me juggle knives while talking on the phone.

  5. love, love, love it!
    i use my ipad on the treadmill and get the same response!

  6. You should check out the treadmill desk over on Jen (she authors that blog and and her husband made it themselves.

  7. HA-larious! How did I miss this one? This is a great idea. Love your pink broom and dustpan too! I didn't take you for a pink kinda gal but I didn't take myself for one either and I'm beginning to discover that I like it a lot. I bought some pink tools last week. :)


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