Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Amorphous Beginning

Color me stumped.
Should I go with Gran?
Granny?  ACK *shudder*


I kinda like that one.


  1. Awww! I have a friend who goes by Gi-gi. LOL.

    Congrats, Nana, or whatever you decide on. :)

  2. I don't think 'Pooh' is a Grandma-type name.

    *evil grin*

    *waiting patiently for someone to 'get it'*

  3. Crap, what am I supposed to get? Am I not supposed to say congratulations and better you than me? Help!

  4. My kids call their grandma "Nanny", which is really cute I think. It started out as Nana, but my little girl changed it to Nanny (cause you know, there's dad-DY, mom-MY, Nan-NY. Grandpa was Papa for a long time tho, no Papi) Congrats!

  5. @ Alex
    *laborious sigh* Read previous post.

    @ Cherie
    YAY! Thanks for the idea. I like Nanny. The one name I'm sure I don't want my widdle kid to use is "Grandma". That name belonged to someone else.
    Actually, 'Papi' is kind of hilarious.Hm.

  6. Awww. Whatever you choose, it'll become your favorite name ever. :)

  7. My niece and nephews have three. One is Grams, one is Grammy, and one is Ya-Ya. Looks like you've got time to figure your new name out. Congrats.

  8. I just got texted one of those tadpole pics, too. Was not sure how to respond, except with love - it's still a tadpole, for crying out loud. Why, back in MY day, they didn't even take ultrasound pics, and we had to walk five miles in the snow, before being allowed to give birth.

    I'll probably be Gramma Bevie.

    Congratulations, Huntress!

  9. Ah-ha!! LOLOLOL! So, I guess I know you're nickname now, you sneaky. Who pinned you with it? Eeyore, or Christopher Robin?

  10. I've been told that being a grandma is one of the best things in the world...atleast by my mom.

    My mom was going to be called "Nana" but now she wants to be "grandmama" like on bewitched.

  11. no way!
    i don't want to think of grandma names!
    how about mee-maw?

    congratulations, nana huntress!

  12. I'm so confused. Who is Pooh, who is having the piglet and isn't Christopher Robin leading the gay pride parade in San Diego next month?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!

  13. *choking laughter*
    Bethany, please go to the Tag, you're it? post.
    You were tagged.
    The mystery of the Pooh adventure is explained there.

  14. I get it now.
    So blond. So, so blond.

    I will answer the post next week.


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