Monday, June 20, 2011

Tag, you’re It?

Oh, Marcy, Marcy. What have you done? Here I was, enjoying a cold glass of tea.
Then I read your blog and now, with that mouthful of tea splattered across my desk, I must find a paper towel.
So ‘taggees’, since I am the ‘tagger’, here you are. If this is your second/third tag, roll your eyes and grin:
  1. Bethany-just because your picture is beyond cool
  2. Cherie-humor is your forte
  3. Ellie-love your blog. Loooovvvve it.
  4. Linda G.-you are the banana to my split
  5. Jenn-because we are so alike we must have been separated at birth.
 Now the dreaded questions:

Do you think you’re hot?
Hell, people! I’m going through menopause here, whaddya think? Sheesh

Upload a picture or your current wallpaper.

When was the last time you ate chicken?
Chicken. Like you buy swimming in liquid at Wal-mart? Or something that tastes good.
Hm. Last week. Fresh. Farm raised. Good. Very good.

What were you thinking while writing your answers?
Dressing a chicken for supper.

What songs have you listened to lately?
Oh, man. Well. Um. “Lady Gaga’s, Born This Way,” she said in a small voice.

Do you have a nickname?
Yes. I do.


  1. Mmmm. Banana split. Now I want one!

    Come on--tell us your nickname!

    Your the second person to tag me with this today. Guess I might have to think about answering these questions. *grin*

  2. good answers!
    this tag is running rampant!

  3. Yeah...I'm new here gotta love it! What's the nickname we will never, ever, call you. LOL

  4. I LOVE that wallpaper background! Haha, I can relate to the menopause/hot flashes--I said something similar when I was tagged. ;o) Enjoyed your answers to this!

  5. Is the nickname "Fresh and farm-raised" and you just hid it in the responses to be tricky?

  6. LOL, Jenny P! And Spirit, menopause is a gift from the gods. You will soon be rid of the plague that has haunted you for decades. Take heart and celebrate. :) Pretty sneaky on the anon nickname, too.

  7. And your nickname is . . .? If you don't tell us you may just get tagged again. Muhahahaha. Hang on. I've just been tagged again, havent't I? Good job I'm lying down on the sofa and not near a cup of coffee!


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