Monday, July 2, 2012

The Summer of Inspiration

Mangled Manuscript Monday

It is hot. And worse, it is dry. Bugs, dust, and lots of sweating.

It is also reunions, cookouts, camping. Long evenings, early mornings.

In the sweet days of watermelon and the sound of locust buzzing, writing can’t stop. The season draws my attention as well as our house renovations. Regarding the remodeling, we are in a down period; ie the contractor wandered off to do another house while waiting for shipment of my cabinets.

 *he could be tiling my kitchen floor but nooooo, he’s gotta go side another house, grrrrrrrrr*

Okay, I’m back.

Inspiration strikes at the oddest times. During casual conversation with a friend, watching a documentary about wild horses, reading Publishers Marketplace.

Sometimes my fellow writers at Unicorn Bell give me that moment: 

“Light bulb,” - Gru, Despicable Me

Thanks Marcy. Last February, your blog jiggled something loose in my brain.

Does your writing routine change in the summer? What inspired your wip?

1 comment:

  1. you funny! jump from one thing t'other.

    i sensed the gap in the post =)

    summer is hot & uncomfortable, glad to have a/c!
    and my next wip was inspired by subbing, a geek wants to break out of his mold, fantasy style!


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