Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Query Contest on Unicorn Bell

Do you have a completed manuscript? Are you interested in submitting directly to a small publisher?

Well, hold your horses. 

First, you must polish that manuscript to an eye-blinding sparkle. Then compose a query. Not just any query but something to knock that publisher off their feet. Wow them.

Our critique group, Unicorn Bell, is holding a query contest in August.

In the words of my good friend and mentor, Charity Bradford:

We are devoting most of August to queries: how to's, examples, workshops and the query process in general. The last week of August we will have three wonderful guest judges reading all polished queries for FINISHED manuscripts.

Krystal Wade from Curiosity Quills
Nancy Bell from MuseItUp Publishing
Amy Lichtenhan SapphireStar Publishing

If they like what they see, they may request pages and who knows where that may lead you?

There will be more info coming over the next few weeks, but we wanted to give you time to comb through that MS one more time. Maybe even get one more beta reader? Here's what these ladies said they are looking for right now.

Krystal--I love older mc's (18+)! I'd like to see some good dystopian, more male mc's too, and then of course anything scifi/fantasy/paranormal with something new and unusual.

Nancy--MuseItUp is looking for more dark fiction, horror, as we are light in that department. However, romance, historical romance, YA/MG from a male POV that will entice that sector. Of course, we are open to anything that is well written and crafted. We don't publish literary fiction or poetry.

Amy--We're especially interested in contemporary romance and paranormal romance at this time, although we are accepting submissions in all fiction categories.

Head over to UB for more information about small publishers and critiquing. 


  1. I have one I want to query at some point but I'm waiting for my book to be published by a small publisher first. I've already turned in the final edits so now I'm just twiddling my fingers waiting for them to get it out there which is really annoying.

  2. I just read that at Charity's blog - told her I'd mention it Friday in the Ninja News.

  3. I don't have one, but I'll be checking out the neat things that you guys are doing for when I do.

    Thank you,

    Kathy M.

  4. Now you know how far behind I am with my blog reading.

    I 'bout fell off my bed when I read "mentor"! Whatever, you are so my mentor and have helped me tremendously with my journey. When I said I couldn't have done it without you, I meant it.


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