Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm What?

It? I’m it?

Brent Wescott has a sense of humor compounded by a wicked streak. He honored me with a shout out, put me with bloggers I admire greatly, then gave me homework. ACK!

And here are his probing questions:

What kind of thing do you prefer to read?
'Thing' as in…? I prefer reading Doritos for subliminal messages. When they stop writing, I go to Baskin Robbins.
Oh, novels? Urban fantasy.

When you were 13, what did you want to do with your life?
That was a heckuva long time ago but I’ll stretch my brain for the info. Either a farmer or an astronomer. I achieved the former.

Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? Discuss. 
Miracle Whip mostly. Because if calories matter (note question #1) fake mayo is the way to go.

If you could join any group or club, what would it be?
My fan club

What is the last song you listened to?
Voluntarily? Not the Adams Family jingle? ‘Two Black Cadillacs’ by Carrie Underwood.

When you have nothing else to do, what do you do? 
Ruin my brain playing Sudoku

If you could make a difference by boycotting one thing, what would it be?
Drawing a blank here.


  1. That was hilarious! Hey, if you have to answer dumb questions, might as well have fun with it.

  2. Those were great! Sudoku is the bomb!

  3. Lovely answers to amazingly ridiculous questions LOL. The last song I listened to? How much is that doggie in the window....it's true! I heard it on the radio.

  4. These were great! I'd boycott bikinis for people over a certain age and weight. I know, wrong of me, but *cringes*.

    1. oh, much better answer. Okay, there goes my ticker-tape brain with the possibilities. Thongs. On anyone. Spandex, especially on men. Slow contractors who take 8 months to build a house addition then blow me off when we complain.

  5. Why are blog memes always so...? Yeah, I don't have words.

  6. yay, sudoku!
    great answers, smartie!


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