Monday, July 9, 2012


Mangled Manuscript Monday

The definition of Summer 2012:
Crispy grass, curled corn, and cracks in the ground wide enough for a horse to fall in.
Hot enough that our lightning bugs decided to quit sparking.

So dry, Froggy took to swimming in the dog pan.

Is it just me or is this the summer of Blah?

It could be worse though. My heart goes out to the folks that have been without power due to storms. 

The Great Drought of the 1930s was much worse. It is how we measure bad weather. “Well, this corn should be tasselin’ but at least it’s not like the summer of ’33 when seed wouldn't even sprout.”

How are you coping this summer?


  1. It's been miserably hot but I am thankful we haven't lost power!

  2. Yeah, I feel terrible for those who have lost power in the heat. Must be miserable. Here's hoping to a cool August for you all.

  3. driving by those dry corn fields is hard to see. feel worse for those who lost their homes, but power is terrible too in this heat. it is a long hot summer...hope your renovations are going well.

  4. I L.A. it's been beautiful so far. It's starting to warm up this week but still not as bad as other parts of the country. That was rough I guess.

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