Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is That the Finish Line?!

I started the 2012 April A to Z Challenge ready for anything.


Geared myself for the long haul.

I questioned my resolve and by the second week, searched for liquid fortitude.

Panic set in.

But as Lone Watie said in The Outlaw Josey Wales, I continued to 'endeavor to persevere'.

No matter the consequences.

Congrats to all participants. Welcome to my new followers. A big Smooch to my pre-April 1st blogger buddies.

And Thank You to our hosts. Your enthusiasm kept me going. 

After Monday's post, I think we deserve a little down-time.

       I know I do.


  1. What fun. I totally did not see you sneak into my office and take my picture while I was napping. LOL

  2. One more day! And if anyone posts on Tuesday they are in big trouble.

  3. Oh yes, do we ever need a little down time!! For me, the second week was the worst :) But then I always have a problem with middles-- beginnings and endings are great, but middles always get me down.

  4. I'd like more than a day but I'm not going to get it. Oh well.

  5. Wonderful pictures to illustrate your point. I laughted out loud at a couple of them. Well done.


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