Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D Cup Runneth Over

A to Z Challenge 2012
It is simple. It is sublime. It is my theme for the A to Z blogfest.

Guess the Movie.


“I am fearful when I see people substituting fear for reason.”


The Day the Earth Stood Still - 1951

The quote covers many of today's situations as well. Powerful.


  1. Nope, I have no idea what movie that's from...
    Ha! I had to cheat and look it up. Cool movie.

  2. darn it! i cant think of a d movie!
    days of thunder? no!
    maybe its one i havent seen...

  3. Deliverence? hmmmm...I don't know. Those guys should've been scared and I'm not sure if anyone in that movie would've spoken that line. I'm going to google it. Dark Knight? I've watched that a million times. Not sure, though. I usually fall asleep and dream of Christian Bale. Anywho...I'm jumping to google. I'm really enjoying your theme. I was going to do A-Z but am having more fun reading other blogger's posts.

    1. Oh, you're good! I never would've guessed that one so I won't ruin it for everyone else. And, I'm a little slow on the uptake but I just 'got' your title and am LingMAO as I type! I couldn't figure out what the hell you meant by that at first. What can I say? I was born blonde.

  4. That's such a great line, but I'm not sure what movie it comes from.

  5. Uncle, I give up. Great theme however!

    Gregg Metcalf

  6. What a unique and creative theme! Um..can't guess the movie though.Great A-Z post!

  7. Ah man! Another one I don't know.

  8. I'm hopeless when it comes to movie trivia etc... sorry...

  9. ...nope, not a clue. As the tree said to the lumberjack "I'm stumped".

    It sounds like an older movie. the only D I can think of is Day of the Triffids....

    Jamie Gibbs
    Fellow A-Z Buddy
    Mithril Wisdom

  10. I'm really not that good with this... Star Wars? Lord of the Rings? I've no idea.

  11. Holy cow, Huntress - you completely had me on that one, and I had to look it up!
    I wasn't even close. Yikes.
    Love, love, this theme!!!


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