Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gee Whiz

A to Z Challenge 2012
It is simple. It is sublime. It is my theme for the A to Z blogfest.

Guess the Movie.


“At my signal, unleash Hell.”

Answer: Gladiator - 2000 and my introduction to Russell Crowe.

*hubba, hubba*


  1. It' (I guessed the other day and got it right). Goldfinger!!!! (no, I know that one's not right). And it's not the Great Gatsby...*sigh*

  2. the above post makes me laugh...

    Gladiator...great movie!!! :D

  3. no idea, as usual. and I thought I knew movies. I feel like a complete failure :(

  4. Um, um..... Hunter Games? Thanks for following my blog, huntress. :)

  5. Is it Gladiator? I love that movie but can't recall all the lines. The one that gets me most from that movie is "You will be with them again, but not yet. Not yet..." Such a great movie. I'm not sure if it's the right one but I can't think of another G movie and there are so many great lines from that one. Gotta be it.

  6. Oh! I know another one! It's GLAD-I-A-TOR!!! (That's to be said in a deep, authoritative voice, too!).
    One of my all-time faves - great pick, Huntress!!

  7. Oh Alex is right. I wouldn't have said that. The line is very familiar but I couldn't quite place it in my head. I'm getting forgetful these days.

    1. Oh, I can hear the words, but I just can’t picture the scene enough to be 100% certain. So let's go with the majority on this. ^_^

      Then again, I’ve only seen Gladiator the once and can recall the quote Jenn gave much better.

  8. Yeah - that's a great part of the movie!

  9. Gladiator---my husband was watching it yesterday! :D

    Look forward to your challenge run…
    --Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  10. The one time I actually recognize the quote so of course nearly every comment has the answer lol!!! Gladiator was and is such a powerful movie.

  11. I guessed the line...but if it's all the same to you I won't be doing a *hubba hubba*! I'm more of a leg man!! :)


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