Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Third Day After Christmas-Tip #3

Decisions, decisions. When to take the tree/decorations down?

I wait until after New Year's Eve.

This gives me a week to rest up from the excessive cookies, candy, family (yeah, I do get tired of my relatives after the first hug), and leftover turkey.

*shiver* Okay, the thought of turkey leaves me nauseous.


  1. That's why I can only do turkey once or twice a year!

  2. I was thinking of taking my tree down today. Usually I leave it up til New Year's but this year I think it's coming down early.

  3. We usually take our tree down before New Year's Eve. It's still up right now, but will probably come down this afternoon.

  4. these are great tips!
    and i had some ornament casualties from child and dog, such is the way of xmas warfare!

  5. Yeah, I don't like the turkey leftovers that go on and on! I usually wait til after New Year's to take the tree down, but it's getting so crispy and I'm getting tired of it, so it may not make it til Sunday!!

  6. I've had enough of turkey too. I took down the majority of my decorations, but the tree stays up until after New Year's.

  7. No more turkey drumsticks!

    Ooops! Sorry, momentary flash of turkeys gobble gobbling in my head.

    This is the first year I've done a real tree so I'm not sure if it will last the rest of the week but I hope it does. I won't be albe to take it down until then :-)


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